Shearman & Sterling’s Derivatives & Structured Products practice is widely recognized for representing the full spectrum of market participants across the complete range of derivatives products and asset classes. It is the breadth of our client base, the depth of our product experience and our true cross‐border capabilities that distinguish our practice from others in the market. With significant high-end capabilities in both the United States and the United Kingdom, we advise clients on the full range of structural, legal and documentation considerations that arise in derivatives and structured product transactions across all major asset classes, including credit, equity, fixed-income, currency and commodity-linked instruments.

We represent every major category of market participant, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of, and insight into, the intricate workings of the market. Our clients include a broad range of U.S. and global financial institutions, hedge and private equity funds, private clients, asset managers, corporations, multinationals and investors. We are also one of only a few firms in the world with the experience required to represent market infrastructure providers and leading clearing organizations. Our representation of the full spectrum of market participants provides us with first-hand insight into the often competing requirements of such participants, thereby enabling us to provide a more meaningful, in-depth and efficient service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to market dynamics and our ability to offer dynamic and innovative solutions to constantly evolving market conditions. Our practice is never static; we are constantly evolving in line with the market. We help our clients achieve their goals of lower funding costs, higher yields, diversification of funding sources, synthetic asset or liability exposure and enhanced asset, liability and credit management capabilities. We are deeply committed to accommodating the needs of our clients in line with the advancing product and regulatory landscape.

Clients appreciate our sophistication, experience and depth in legal matters involving highly structured and bespoke derivatives transactions, repurchase products and hybrid instruments. We provide a comprehensive service to our clients, structuring derivatives and providing derivatives regulatory advice, both on a stand-alone basis and as an integral component of capital markets (i.e., ASR, call spread and equity forward transactions), M&A (i.e., deal contingent transactions), project and leveraged finance and asset repackaging transactions (i.e., loan‐linked interest rate, FX and commodity transactions).

Leveraging our experience in both New York and London, our combined New York and English law strength is a unique offering in the market. This includes related regulatory and tax experience, which is particularly important given the current regulatory developments in the United States and Europe where our ability to advise on both regimes is crucial in many cross‐border, complex transactions. Our clients benefit from our ability to provide multi‐product, cross‐departmental knowledge and an in‐depth understanding on a truly cross-border basis.